CCI - Organisation of businesses for businesses

More than 400 industrial, commercial and service companies of the East Belgium region are members of our Chamber of Commerce with the aim to have a representative organisation for their economical interests in committees and councils on the different levels as well as a contact for problems with regard to the daily work in their business. This assignement can only be provided by an independent structure.

You can find the up to date CCI members list (with activities descriptions in german and french) by clicking here
Hereunder we present our member companies by their branch of activity. 

  1 Rock, stone and related mineral
   products : exploitation and
2 Production of food and food
3 Textiles
4 Sawmills, lumber trade, joineries
5 Printing and paper
6 Chemical products, fuels, lubricants
    7 Steel and light metal constructions and 
8 Metal products
9 Machinery and vehicle construction
10 Electric and electronic equipment and
11 Manufacture of furniture
12 Energy production / distribution and 
     water supply
    13 Construction, building site and
     security co-ordination
14 Building installations and interior
15 Sale and repair of motor vehicles
16 Wholesale and retail of food,
     beverages, animal products
17 Wholesale and retail of consumer
     durables, office goods and furnishings
  18 Wholesale and retail of building
     materials and plumbing materials
19 Wholesale and retail of machines,
     tools, electrical materials and
     measurement devices
20 Retail of furniture, furnishings,
     clothes, food, other
21 Tourism, catering/hotel industry, leisure
22 Passenger transportation
  23 Transportation of cargo, logistics,
     customs agencies
24 Telecommunications
25 Finance and financing institutions, 
     venture capital and insurance
26 Insurance agencies, real estate
27 Data processing 
    28 Legal advice
29 Auditing, tax consulting, social service
30 Management consultancy
31 Architects, engineering consultants
32 Graphic design, advertising,
     communication, photography
33 Temporary employment, personnel
  34 Security services, building
     surveillance and maintenance
35 Translations, office services, fair
36 Health and social work activities
37 Waste and sewage, recycling
38 Training activities
39 Media
40 Membership organisations 

You want to better know a company ? On the following page, you find a list with activities according the NACE classification and further links to the websites of the East Belgian companies  >>>



Die IHK Eupen-Malmedy-St. Vith und

ihre Premium Partner

Eupen AG


THG Group

THG group


Hydro Extrusion Raeren AG

ihre strukturellen Partner






KAS Eupen


Bank & Versicherung



Car Avenue


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