East Belgium: a business location with a future

The three towns of Eupen, Malmedy und St. Vith are the population and economic poles of the region. Here are to be found the key activities that typify the area´s diversity. There are, however, other smaller, yet equally interesting, centres of specialized local competence.

Eupen has been able to expand and consolidate its economic base in recent years by exploiting its favourable location close to major national and international highways, halfway between the significant knowledge centres of Aachen and Liege (both university cities strong in sciences and technology), in easy reach of the mass markets of the Rhineland, the Ruhr and the Maas valley, as well as through the infrastructural advantages of a fully integrated industrial estate and its own inter-city rail terminal.

Manufacturing and processing industries are the main economic activities in the Eupen area, particularly in precision metalworking and mechanical engineering, plastics, textiles and foodstuffs. The important role played by Eupen as a production centre has led to an expansion of related service industries - financial, logistical and media-related, - as well as to a healthy wholesale and retail sector.

St. Vith, in the South of the DG, still presents a partially bucolic profile, although the progressive restructuring of smaller farms into larger agro-industrial units, complete with the technology to match, bears witness to a major shift in agricultural life. The increasingly industrial, yet also sustainable, approach to the "farming" of the area´s other main resource, timber, is also having a positive effect on the economic health of St. Vith.

The building and tourism sectors, in all of their incarnations, are already a vibrant accent in the regional economy. Thanks to its closeness to Trier and Luxemburg, St. Vith has also developed into a healthy trading centre (particularly in the furniture industry).

In addition, new developments in metalworking, the food industry as well as other skills and trades, are gaining the area a reputation for quality and performance beyond its borders.

Malmedy is still known for its traditional paper mills, though in recent years fish farming, metalwork, building and diverse skilled trades have been added to an already well-developed service and retail sector.

Tourism has become a further important factor in the economy of the Malmedy area. The international success of the High-Fen moor landscape and its nature reserve has had the effect of increasing visitors´ interest for the whole of the picturesque South of East Belgium.



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